Apple’s Tenth Anniversary will have a new introduction special, iPhone 8
Published On: October 2016 | Category: Technology

Apple will be celebrating in 2017 the iPhone’s tenth anniversary and Apple announced that during this event there will be a completely redesigned iPhone as a token of celebration.

The new iPhone will be the iPhone8 suggest reports and not the expected iPhone 7s and it is anticipated that the new iPhone will feature a bezel-less design and OLED screen.

There are many rumors regarding the iPhone new design, charging mechanism and the chipset. Here are the details that are heard:

Design: A bezel-less iPhone

Rumors are that there will be three new iPhones in 2017. It will include a regular iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and a premium iPhone 8 model, as special edition.

The phones are redesigned completely and the components are housed featuring a metal frame. This frame will be embedded fully in an all-glass body.

Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple analyst suggests that the frames will be in stainless steel and aluminum, while the premium model will feature stainless steel frame. However, a bezel-less design is expected by Kuo also for the iPhone 8.

Display: Enter OLED

Another rumor is about the iPhone having curved OLED flexible panel for iPhone8.  Though it is said the curved OLED will be available only for the new phone, Apple has signed an agreement for an estimated 40 million OLED panels delivery with Samsung, which will be supplemented from the LG and Sharp panels.

OLED is a great choice for a Smartphone as it makes the iPhone extremely thin and very energy efficient.

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