Energy Storage System, a necessary yet beneficial form of Storing Energy
Published On: April 2018 | Category: Energy & Power

Energy storage literally means seizing the energy produced at one time and using it later for consumption. Energy has many forms and is most readily available in the form of battery. Energy can be further segmented into chemical, gravitational potential, electrical potential, electricity, elevated temperature, latent heat and kinetic.

Storing of electricity from a more complex form to a simpler means becomes a necessary factor as it should be easy to use. Heavy energy storage is controlled by hydroelectric dams, both prevailing as well as pumped. Some form of energy storage is for a short while and some facilitate for a longer period of time.

Some examples of devices and structures that embody energy storage systems are winding clock where potential energy is stored, a rechargeable battery stores modifiable chemical energy to run a mobile phone. A hydroelectric dam accumulates energy in a reservoir as gravitational potential energy. Fossil fuel has a unique way of storing energy, coal and gasoline accumulate time worn energy attained from sunlight by organisms that later got extinct, got buried and over a passage of time were transformed into these fuels. Ice storage tanks also store the frozen ice in a cheaper method at night so it can meet the demand for cooling at the scorching daytime. The energy is not stored straight away but the function of consuming energy is stored, so it can equally implement daytime consumption.

Mechanical storage indicates that energy can be stored in water spewed to loftier advancement utilizing pumped storage techniques by relocating solid matter to higher locations. Now a days hydrocarbon fuels are in a great demand as they are utilized in transportation succeeded by an increasing use of of Battery Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

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