iOS 11 Introduces More PC-Like Features with Virtual And Augmented Reality
Published On: September 2017 | Category: Technology

iOS 11 launched officially this week, in which Apple has introduced mobile device with more PC-like feel,  especially iPad, so that the workers are now able to use it for their daily official tasks. This seems like good news for all those organizations that go for the mobile-first strategy. The phone offers to the business world, a great boon of native augmented reality play of iOS via ARKit SDK. 

As according to Bryan Bassett, an IDC analyst, the technology of augmented reality (AR) in new Apple’s phone is catching consumers’ attention with its animated masks, emojis and native AR toolkits that open up the world of practicability for the businesses entrepreneur, software developers 

Bryan Bassett said in a statement that, “Retail, manufacturing and field workers have a lot to gain through the use of AR; so making ARKit native to iOS going forward will only bolster AR's credibility in the workplace.”

Bassett pointed that the features like spatial awareness, navigation, manuals, contextual blueprints and language translation are currently the main focus of number of platform developers of the AR software and none of them aim at consumers. They have already deployed and invested in the devices to allow their businesses for leveraging the AR technology, that are namely iPads and iPhones. 

A principal analyst, Jack Gold from J. Gold Associates stated that, “While ARKit does provide enterprises with a way to develop AR solutions; they would be targeted at the iPhone environment, and not all companies think that's the preferred solution. A cross-platform capability would suit them much better, although the Android solution (ARCore) is also proprietary at this point.”

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