Nest’s Home Security Device Costs $499 and is Enhanced with Magnetic Door Sensors
Published On: September 2017 | Category: Technology

Nest is critical about home security as it launches a new range of product family called as Nest Secure. Nest announced a new commutable system which is contrived to make home security more contemporary and uncomplicated. 

The core of the product is called as Nest Guard. It’s a compact hockey puck-shaped device along with a keypad on top. The gadget is placed indoors overlooking your front door and liaises with a succession of modest devices called Nest Detects that is kept anywhere in your home. If somebody penetrates your home and doesn’t demobilize the Nest Secure system, the alarm goes off and activates a large loud siren sound. For each action, the system propels alerts to your phone. 

The Nest Secure comprises of many moving parts but the company’s goal is to plan a very basic and simple security system, the details needs to be known about its functioning. Nest guard behaves as the central hub therefore disarming and arming of the security system is carried out through that gadget which entails a motion sensor. It connects to your home network via Wi-Fi and interfaces with Nest’s mobile app.

To start the functioning of the app you have to communicate to your Nest app that you are departing and you are provided with a countdown before the system rearms.  To disarm the system when it activates or when you are on your way home you can press the key code on the Guard itself, disarm through the app or put it off via NFC utilizing one of two included key fobs called Nest Tags.

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