Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Defect Affirms Apple Once Again a Strong Base
Published On: September 2016 | Category: Technology

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has battery problem exploding and this is turning beneficial for Apple. This hazardous device came rightly when Apple was announcing its iPhone7 line.

Samsung sold the Note 7 and as a recall part have been giving their customers exchanges or full refunds when bought as defective devices. However, the new supplies of Note 7 devices are kept tight.

Now, a survey reports that more than 26% of Note 7 owner’s consider refunds to switch and buy iPhones. However, nearly 21% are ready to swap to another Samsung model, such as Galaxy S7. Only 18% plan to get rectified Note 7 versions, as per online poll by Survey Monkey of 507 adults. And 35% are planning to retain the refund without indicating the phones they plan to use in the future. 

Samsung data shows higher retention rate. Nearly 90% of Note 7 owners are ready to get a new Note 7, said the company in a statement. So far, over 60% defective Note 7 devices sold in South Korea and the United States have been exchanged, said Samsung.

Analysts are debating if the Note 7 recall helps boost iPhone sales. It seems now that Samsung’s problems have convinced Wall Street that Apple may perform better than previously expected. Apple shares have gained 5% in comparison to the past month as the problems of Samsung Note 7’s have expanded.

Samsung examined two devices of Note 7 this month bought online in China that ignited in users' hands, but confirmed that heat was from an external source and the batteries were not the reason of fires. 

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